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"They upgraded our old fuse panel to a breaker system and installed ceiling fans and lighting throughout the house. They are hard workers and did an outstanding job. Extremely fair prices. If we have any future electrical work, we’ll definitely call them again!"

-Lisa Henry

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Who We Are

The TwoWiredGuys Ltd Team is a licenced and insured electrical contractor composed of two Red Seal Interprovincial 309A Licenced Electricians, one of which is also a Master Electrician and Electrical Engineering Technician. With their combined residential, commercial and industrial expertise and experience in the electrical trade they created TwoWiredGuys Ltd, whose driving goal is to help improve the future of the electrical industry through safety, innovation and quality. The Team brings a wealth of knowledge and skills from many different industries to each project. The team works hand in hand with the Electrical Safety Authority to deliver safe, code compliant projects to owners and provides a one year warranty on labour and materials delivered.

The team has expanded into Lorex security camera systems, SureCall cell phone booster systems, ChargePoint EV charging systems and continually adding innovative and useful products. 

What We Do

TwoWiredGuys Ltd provides state-of-the-art control systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications. The Team’s main focus is to provide the client with efficient and cost-saving builds that have minimal maintenance costs, while maintaining their commitment to providing quality products and always focusing on safety first. The team's panel building services are second to none, and no customer will be left wanting more from their product.


TwoWiredGuys are certified for installing industry leading ChargePoint EV (electric vehicles) chargers and SureCall cell signal amplifier systems. Recently we have partenered with Lorex to provide security camera systems for businesses and home owners worried of the increase of thefts in our region. The team continues to partner with innovation leaders of industry and provides diverse, essential services. As we move forward, we see a driving market for EV chargers and energy storage solutions. The team works to advance knowledge and applications to be developed to advance into the future of power generation by doing our part.

With extensive knowledge in installation methods of electrical equipment, TwoWiredGuys Ltd can guarantee that their services will exceed the client’s expectations. The designs are created with quality, safety and innovation in mind.


The Team’s objective is to provide customers with quality built systems, industry-leading expertise and excellent customer service from the planning stage, to the installation, and into the maintenance phase. The Team’s commitment to safety standards is of utmost importance throughout each project.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Services

Do you have a project in mind, but you’re not sure of how to get the job done? The TwoWiredGuys Ltd Team has the knowledge and skills to upgrade or install anything with wires! From planning the layout to completing the job, you can rest assured that everything is safe, efficient and meet all current codes!


Industrial Services

With the Team’s many years of experience in industrial machine upgrades and maintenance, they have learned the best practices for successful projects: quality and attention to detail. The TwoWiredGuys Ltd Team produces user-friendly custom-built electrical panel layouts, which leads to less issues during troubleshooting and less downtime. With the evolution of technology, the Team remains knowledgeable and up-to-date on current trends. We offer control upgrades, AC/DC drive upgrades, troubleshooting services and can do a control systems audit to recommend an upgrade to match the efficiency you crave! Save energy, and on machine downtime to increase your profits and competitiveness.


Let the TwoWiredGuys Team’s expertise and knowledge do the work for you!

SureCall Cell Signal Boosting

SureCall cell signal boosting equipment is the leader in cost effective cell signal amplification! The signal at your building could be boosted up to 72 dB with their systems. If you have good signal outside your home and dead zones inside, it could be caused by your building's contruction. Steel roofs, concrete walls and high efficiency windows are all signal stealing materials. With SureCall, you will have a reliable signal, faster data speeds, and excellent voice quality. 

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ChargePoint EV Charging Equipment

 With the rising electric vehicle market, TwoWiredGuys recognizes a need to expand current charging stations. The team partnered with ChargePoint after looking at their hardware and their customer service. ChargePoint is the largest independently owned and operated electric vehicle charging network in North America with excellent customer service. ChargePoint offers many different charging stations for home, condos, or businesses and offers the ability to make your station available to ChargePoint customers at a time and price that is right for you. The great part about ChargePoint is the flexibility to offer everyone a package that they can use and afford.

Contact us for more information on what unit might be right for you!

Mathiew Scratch, Master Electrician

Mathiew is a highly skilled tradesperson with an expert knowledge of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. In addition to co-creating TwoWiredGuys Ltd, Mathiew has been working as a Control Mechanic Maintenance Electrician since 2012. Previously, he worked in the mining industry, where he developed his knowledge and skills in surface and underground electrical maintenance. Mathiew has extensive experience leading numerous low maintenance electrical projects, in coordination with engineering teams. Mathiew has been working in the electrical field for over 15 years. 

Darren Whitwell, 309A Licenced Electrician

Darren is an ambitious and highly skilled tradesperson. He has adapted and delivered premium quality builds in evolving and diverse electrical industries. In addition to co-creating TwoWiredGuys Ltd, Darren has been working as a Control Mechanic Maintenance Electrician since 2015. Darren brings a wealth of experience in electrical contract and maintenance work to the Team. Darren has been working in the electrical field for over 10 years.


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